Feng Shui Remedies

feng shui remedies

Feng shui remedies can be found to help you counter any problems that may be caused by the structure of a home or the position of furniture within it. Good feng shui can be achieved when the structure and furniture placement are conducive to free up the flow of 'qi' or energy within the home. Unless built from scratch with the art of placement in mind, most homes usually are not optimized to be beneficial for you. That's the reason it should be necessary for you to know about how and where to apply cures throughout your home.

Colors are generally very effective remedies and they can easily be used to treat problem areas. The balance of a space or a home may perhaps be off caused by missing elements. Since colors are used to represent elements, the applying of the color tied to the missing element may be used for a cure. This can be done in the way of simply adding decorative objects in the desired color or you can even paint entire walls depending on how important the element is to that part of the room.

Furniture placement is also a major reason for problems inside the home. There are many guidelines about how furniture should be placed in each room in the house. If the furniture just isn't placed in a way that is helpful towards you, you can easily change things around by rearranging the furniture. The main piece of furniture in each room needs to be in a commanding position and every one of the other pieces should be placed around it. Sometimes however, the structure of the room or the whole home makes it impossible to generate changes by simply rearranging furniture. If that is so, special tools can be used as a cure.

Tools which are specifically utilized to cure bad feng shui include wind chimes, crystal balls and water fountains. Mirrors can also be very effective, so are candles and live plants. Each of these tools represent one of the five elements and can be used in the home in areas which are meant for that element. Some are employed for protection, others to shift the flow of 'qi', no matter what the purpose is, these tools are quite powerful if used correctly.

Improve your surroundings with feng shui remedies. Choose from crystal balls, feng shui wind chimes, the money tree, the lucky bamboo plant and more to help achieve better feng shui results in your home.

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