Feng Shui Home Design

feng shui home design
There are a number of factors in feng shui home design that should impact an individual's decision to purchase a house. Whenever you go house hunting, it's crucial that you have some basic understanding of feng shui principles to help you with the decision making process. There are many things to look out for, all of which will help you determine whether or not the house has good 'qi' or energy associated with it. If there are too many problem areas, it's a sign that you'll be negatively impacted if you choose to live there.

Once inside the house, you have to carefully observe the structure and whole floor plan of the house. Things to look out for include slanted ceilings, exposed ceiling beams, missing doors and corners. Other important structural features such as the position of doors in relation to windows, the placement of the stairs in relation to the front door and others are all factors to take into consideration. Problem areas will very likely create bad feng shui, but take into account that there can be cures for these problems. These cures are usually very effective and they're accomplished by employing simple tools including crystal balls, wind chimes, water fountains and mirrors. Really the only reason to completely reject a house is if you find way too many problem areas.

There can also be quite a few outside influences that you need to be aware of. The surrounding community is just as important as the house itself. Go through the neighborhood to get an idea of some of the other things that may impact your life. Avoid buying a house that is found near cemeteries, police stations, hospitals, waste management facilities or other sites that may adversely affect your home. Landscaping in the front of this house ought to be inviting to make the 'qi' to flow right into your home. Make sure that the lawn and shrubs are fresh and not wilting, and in addition check for trees blocking the main entrance.

Remember to keep these tips in mind when you're on the hunt for a new house. Another cool tip that should never be overlooked is to get to know the current homeowners. Identify the reason they are selling, this is often a great indicator of how feng shui will ultimately affect you if you select to live there. It's a very good sign if the current homeowners are leaving to move onto bigger and better things. If you already live in a home that you purchased, it isn't too late to put these pointers to use either. Discover more about the structure of your property and also the environment around you, then use your findings to work out the proper remedies to apply for a quick fix.

Discover the importance of feng shui home design when buying a house. Find out how to use basic feng shui and feng shui remedies to improve your living space.

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