Feng Shui Living Room

feng shui living room
To be the one room in the home that brings the household together is the ultimate purpose of a feng shui living room. This particular room also serves as the place where you're able to entertain guests. In order to make it inviting and be a place where people gather and socialize, the space must be transformed in a way that promotes conversation and brings people together. Basic feng shui principles should be utilized to do just that. Various techniques may be applied to this area for the purpose of connecting you to the people that are important to you.

The most important piece of furniture in a  living room is a sofa. The sofa is where you, your family and your guests sit. The position of a sofa is critical in determining how 'qi' or energy will flow in that living room. You will discover certain positions that aren't ideal for your sofa. For example, if the front entrance in your home leads into the living room and is directly in line with the windows of that room, it is never a good idea to put the sofa directly in between the two. Avoid placing the back of the sofa against windows or facing a door. Also make sure there are no exposed beams in the ceiling right above where you are sitting. The absolute best position for the sofa is to have its back against the wall and diagonally across from the door. If there happens to be other sofas and chairs in the room, arrange them together in a semi-circular shape so that the people sitting there will be in a position to talk amongst each other.

There happens to be many other ways to optimize the living room to your benefit. Lighting is another important part of this room, it needs to be bright so make sure that there are enough lights in addition to the natural lighting that comes through the windows. Good places for lights include corners and dark areas. Since the living room is associated with the entire family, this is the perfect room to keep loads of family photographs. Other great home decor items that ought to be a part of this area of the home are artwork and live plants. Use the bagua map to find the best locations to put these items. Finally, besides having a prime location for your sofa, there ought to be a distinct centerpiece in that living room. Typically if your house comes with a fireplace, that is required to be the centerpiece of the room. If you do not have a fireplace however, you should definitely reserve that spot for the television or home entertainment center.

Use all of these great feng shui living room tips to make the most out of this family friendly room. Besides the important techniques discussed above, you should also remember to keep the region clutter free as you would for any other important room of the house. Clutter tends to make the 'qi' of the room stagnant so removing unnecessary items out of the living room is required to free up that energy.

Learn how to optimize your feng shui living room. Discover the importance of a feng shui color guide, sofa placement and other feng shui cures for group gatherings.

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