Feng Shui Compass

feng shui compass
The feng shui compass is an instrument that was invented by the Chinese thousands of ago to create measurements and complicated analysis of the direction of your home. This important data is then calculated to produce a really detailed map bagua on the layout of the home. An in depth bagua leads to understanding the precise location of problem areas of the home which then contributes to remedies that may be used on those areas to repair the problem. So if you want to improve the 'qi' or energy of your home and do so with precision, you will need to first depend on the measurements on the compass.

This ancient Chinese compass is also known by the names 'lo pan' or 'luo pan', and is usually used in all parts of the world by professional feng shui practitioners. Only someone with advanced knowledge of the inner workings of the art of placement is in a position to understand the many complexities of this instrument. It is composed of a normal looking compass in the middle using magnetic needles and comes with the marking of every one of the degrees of a circle. What sets this apart from a traditional compass however, is a number of concentric rings that surround the center. Each ring has specific markings which are all important for completing an in depth and accurate reading.

The reading is supposed to be made several steps outside of a home. The person doing the reading must remove all things made from metal which includes jewelry, watches and keys. This is important, because metal objects will likely interfere with the movement of the magnetic needle. He or she must also watch out for any cars in close proximity as which can also cause problems. Lastly, this person should step away from the front door, because most doors have metal hinges. The 'lo pan' is held in front of the person at waist level and the needle will then move towards the exact degree, giving a measurement of the direction for the house.

After the direction of the home is measured, the encircling rings of the feng shui compass goes to work to calculate a series of other details that will all affect the ultimate reading. If this is done by a professional practitioner, he or she should then develop a floor plan of the entire house based off the measurements and use a bagua map for the layout. The end result then becomes a tailor made analysis of your home and appropriate feng shui tools and techniques can be used specifically for you.

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