Feng Shui Home Office

feng shui home office
You can find two main factors when it comes to the design of a feng shui home office that will determine your success as well as the success of your business. The very first important factor should be the actual location of that office in the home and the other factor involves the structure and placement of objects inside the office. If you do any sort of work from home, it is important that you have a proper home office to do it in. An actual room or space to set aside as your office is necessary for this purpose. Combining your work space with some other space isn't a good feng shui practice. For instance, when you have your bedroom also act as an office, it's going to cause tension between these two different parts of your life, causing problems for both work and sleep.

The most effective location for an office is towards the front of the home, preferably by the entrance. This location allows the 'qi' or energy to enter form the front door and flow right into the office to help energize the space and make you more productive and get your work done quickly. Bad locations for an office include the central part of a house, around the basement or anywhere near a bathroom. These areas will actually hurt the 'qi' of an office space.

The desk is the most important feature of a home office and its placement has a huge effect on your success. The best possible place for the desk is at a commanding position diagonally aligned with the door, with the chair against a wall. Avoid having the desk in line the with the door, facing the window, in a corner, with the back of the chair facing the door or a window.

There may be problems in this room which can be easily fixed using feng shui remedies. For instance, ceilings are important in an office. If it is too low or slanted, that means that you'll have trouble reaching the top. There will be specific tools you can use such as a crystal ball to counter this problem. If there are no windows, incorporate bright lights or artwork depicting the outside world as a cure. Use live plants in such a room such as money trees and lucky bamboo plants. They're both commonly used to attract wealth.

Other important feng shui home office tips include keeping the area free of clutter and having a bagua map to locate and optimize the wealth and career corners. Your desk can easily be overwhelmed with all kinds of files and documents. Remember to process them regularly to arrange and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Use appropriate colors, decorative items and other feng shui tools on the wealth and career corners of your home office to activate the 'qi' for the promotion of productivity and success.

Find out how to optimize a feng shui home office for productivity and to attract wealth. Use colors, lucky bamboo plants, money tree plants and more to achieve the success you have been waiting for.

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