Feng Shui Kitchen

feng shui kitchen
The kitchen can often be referred to as the heart of a home, therefore having the perfect feng shui kitchen is usually a requirement for creating a well balanced and abundant life for the whole family. This area of the home represents every member of a family so it will be critical to keep it pristine. Based on basic feng shui principles, food is affiliated with wealth, so the area where food is made represents the origin of that wealth and prosperity.

The stove is the most important piece of appliance in a  kitchen and its placement will largely determine how the flow of 'qi' or energy is in this room. In order for the 'qi' to flow freely, the stove must be positioned in a certain way. The perfect position for the stove is attached to an island within the middle of the kitchen so that the cook has the complete room including the entrance in plain sight. It really is important for the individual doing the cooking to have the ability to see whoever comes through the door. If your stove is set up in a way that faces a wall as is the case with many stoves, especially in smaller kitchens, a good remedy for not being able to see the kitchen is to place a mirror behind the stove burners. This is not only effective in that it allows the cook to see the entire room, it also helps to produce the illusion of doubling your wealth. The burners of the stove are said to represent where the wealth actually comes into a home from. If a mirror is positioned correctly behind the burners, it is meant to double the total amount of wealth that enters.

There can also be many positions that aren't suitable for a stove. For instance, a stove really should not be placed in line with the kitchen door or stuck in between a corner of a room. You should also avoid putting it right by the window as it's believed that the wealth will flow right out from the window. With the intention to save space, some stoves are designed having a microwave above it. This type of placement can also be very bad, because the microwave will actually oppress the movement of 'qi'.

Other important stove recommendations include keeping it clean, in proper working condition and making good use of it. Leaving the stove unused doesn't help the household become prosperous in any way. Put it to use regularly to cook nutritious food for the family and remember to make use of all of the burners for the best results. If any part of a stove needs fixing, have it fixed immediately so it doesn't negatively affect your finances. It is also important to know the stove symbolizes the fire element. Water is generally detrimental to fire as it is supposed to put it out, however both the sink and also the refrigerator represent water and they are all in close proximity to each other. The best placement for all three should be to have them form a triangle and something representing the wood element in between the stove and each water element appliance. Live plants are a great tool to utilize for this purpose.

Besides the stove, there are many other important feng shui kitchen tips. Keep the kitchen clean always, do not forget to clean out the cupboards and refrigerator regularly. Anything that is about to expire or that is spoiled ought to be thrown away so it won't have any negative effects on the 'qi' of that room. Broken appliances should also be removed for the same reason. Bad plumbing and other such problems should be fixed as soon as possible. Lastly sharp objects like knives should not be out in the open, either keep them in a drawer or a knife rack. All of these simple techniques can make a huge difference within the kitchen.

Discover how to utilize the feng shui kitchen layout to attract wealth and prosperity. Use a feng shui mirror and other feng shui remedies to fix problems with finances.

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