Feng Shui Basics

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Feng shui is the art of improving the environment in which you reside or work by making a number of changes to color, layout and decor. There are a variety of people that consider feng as being very mystical and hard to comprehend. You will discover professional consultants who concentrate on customized analysis of a person and their home. However basic feng shui principles are very easy to master and can easily be applied by anyone.

Have you ever been in an area that you just didn't feel completely comfortable in? The reason could be that the flow of 'qi' or energy in that room is blocked due to the layout. Feng shui can be utilized to free up that flow of energy. By doing this, the mood of a person who spends time in that room will likely change too. For example, a lot of clutter is always an indication that the energy is not allowed to flow freely. How can energy flow freely when there is an accumulation of unnecessary stuff everywhere? The general mood someone experiences when living or working in a cluttered space is stress and anxiety. The straightforward act of removing junk and reorganizing a space will cause an improvement in one's mood. Try doing that on a bigger scale by utilizing basic feng shui techniques and find out on your own what great changes you may experience.

Feng shui room by room to truly get the best out of the experience. Every room in your house serves a purpose therefore the same principles can't be applied to all rooms. That being said, colors, furniture arrangement and decor should vary from room to room.

Feng shui colors depend upon the mood that should be set for that particular room. Some of the principles are pretty common sense. As an example, the bedroom is an area for relaxation and rest. The colors typically used should not be loud and overbearing such as a bright red or electric blue. For those who want to learn more advanced techniques, you can actually match the color to your personal element (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and pick a color that can completely create balance and achieve harmony for you.

The room layout refers to how furniture is arranged to increase the flow of energy. Specific decorations are also useful to help with this task. Placement of furniture in a specific room will depend not just on the whole layout of the house, but also what purpose that room serves. Simple changes can be made to existing furniture and decorations. You might discover that some may have to be moved around while others have no place in that room and have to be removed. Start applying these easy principles to your home and see what amazing changes it's going to bring to your life.

Discover feng shui basics and apply it to your own home. Learn how to do your own feng shui interior design and improve your home's qi with feng shui cures.

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